Spring Driving Tips to Help Keep You Safe

Safety Tips for Spring Driving 

Although winter may be known for its treacherous driving conditions, spring can be a difficult season for driving, too. From April showers to wildlife emerging from hibernation, driving during spring can be challenging in its own right. It is possible to stay safe, however. This season, be sure to review your auto insurance in Reading, PA and check out these spring driving safety tips.

  • Don’t be too eager to take off your winter tires. They should be left until snow and ice are no longer issues.
  • As the weather warms up, cyclists and motorcyclists will take to the roads. Look out for and respect these two-wheeled travelers, passing them with care and caution.
  • Children will start to play outside in the good weather. Slow down and pay careful attention in residential and school zones. Be alert for teenagers who are fixated on their phones and may not be paying much attention to the traffic.
  • When encountering flooding from spring showers, slow down and avoid puddles. If there is flooding across the road, never try to cross the flooded section of the roadway. Turn around and look for an alternative route.
  • Replace your windshield wipers that have survived the winter. You need great visibility and worn out wipers will not help.
  • Animals will start to come out of hibernation and forage for food. Being prepared can prevent animal deaths and damage to your vehicle. Slow down in rural areas or where animal traffic is high.

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